A full traceable and transparent production from soil to ready made garment is the biggest advantage for Barta Jeans garments. Starting from cutting, stitching, washing and packaging we control the whole production process and can give the guarantee for a fair trade and clean Product. We know where our garments are comming from and we know what we give back to nature when we control the production chain in our own hands. Every member of the community who wears a Barta Jeans item can be 100% sure that this garment is made for a better future and clean enviroment. We all care about each piece of a Barta Jeans Product.


The Materials are controlled and full sustainable from soil to finished product. No pesticide no fertilizer no nickel no animal product no unnatural fibers no chemicals this is where we take care about and put only organic or natural materials in our Barta Jeans garments. Our partners are helping us to control the material standards according to all Certification like GOTS, OCS,Oeko-tex, Vegan, BCI, Fair Trade and Grüner Knopf.


If you wear a Barta Jeans garment you will be also on the latest fashion update where the washing effects, colors, accessories and treatments be a part of the communites lifestyle. All garments will be 100% Sustainable but on the same time you will be up to fashion and everybody will love the styles because we do know what is fashion on the Denim side and how to create an organic item with a fashion look together with our Designers.


Barta Community is our world where we want to give an impact back to nature. With each item we proudly produce and serve, we are doing social engagements in order to help and grow for our future. We do care about animals and give them food and shelter, we do plant trees so that nature is producing more oxygen, we do invest in children who dont have possibilities to go to school and help them to get educated, we do give back all kind of social activity to our nature because we take the materials from nature and give back to nature.

Fair Fashion

In our own factory we treat workers good with a workplace which meets the labor standards on human rights, which allows a fair trade and satisfied working enviorment. With our own transportation vehicles we collect each worker from home in the morning and bring them back in the evening. Our inhouse kitchen is a standard for all of our workers where they are getting fresh and organic meals every day. In a social positive working place we do have more women workers in order to help them be financial independent and strong in their society.